Earth is Burning

They say the earth is burning,

But I don’t think it will affect me.

It is quite cool where I live,Trash-Fire-Pro-2015081716

And warming would be a relief.

I don’t worry about rising oceans,

Because I live on a big hill.

I feel sorry for people in Africa,

Their crops are likely to fail,

But I get my food from Tesco,

So it’s really no big deal.

As Maldives goes under water,

I may have to change my holiday plans,

But I like going to the Himalayas;

I’ll just go there again.

It’s sad so many animals are going extinct.

I’m glad I’m a human, or I’d be worried sick.

Yes, the temperature is rising.

It seems to get worse and worse.

I’m so happy I’m only visiting,

And not a permanent resident of Earth.

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