Goat Man Tries to Save the World (#prose #poem #NaPoWriMo)

grayascale photo of goat
Photo by Sabina on Pexels.com

I used to hear stories around Houston of a Goat Man who would terrorize people from time to time. This Goat Man had a muscular body and big horns like the ones you see on a Dodge Ram truck commercial.

You’d hear all different stories, of course, but the one that stuck in my mind was of a couple walking out somewhere near the Sheldon Reservoir when this goat-headed man jumped out of the woods making some really awful and threatening noises before throwing a car tire a hundred yards in their direction.

Now I guess that would give you a fright, all right, but the goat man seemed fairly subdued to me. I mean, If he could throw a tire that far, I reckon he could have hit them with one if he’d really tried. So, I’m guessing he was just trying to scare them away, and hats off, because mission accomplished.

As far as supernatural creatures with superhuman strength go, I think I’m rather fond of the goat man. I mean, he just lived in the woods and objected to people disturbing him by throwing their old tires and other junk in his home, and I can’t find one reason to blame him.

And maybe he was trying to warn us, too, about what was coming. I mean, he was probably screaming, “Y’all gotta stop throwing all this trash around, or the world’s gonna heat up and take revenge on ya!” You know, he was a supernatural environmentalist.

And he never tried to kill anyone walking around the Sheldon Reservoir, even if the gators did.

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