Confessions (#poem)

At the interview, she said,

“These are some designs I’ve beentruth

Working on since I got out of jail.”


On his dating profile, he said,

“I’ve finished the last course of antibiotics

And feel I’m ready to date again.”


At dinner, she confessed,

“I listened to a Justin Bieber song to see what it was

And I ended up listening to the entire album.”


At the office sexual conduct training, he admitted,

“I once positioned myself in the audience

So that I could see Grace Jones changing costumes.”


And I feel I must disclose that

I saw you eating in a café,

And I wanted to break through the glass

To get to you as the door would take too long.


I wanted to be close enough to absorb

Stray electrons orbiting your body.

I wanted our consciousness to commingle,

So I could know all that you know.


I wanted to share your feelings of

Elation, sorrow, indifference.

I wanted eternity. I wanted permanence.


As your gaze rose, I started,

Coughed, looked toward the pavement,

And shuffled off, slack-shouldered, to the east.