April 22, 2016 Workshop: Intersection of Ethics and Justice for Therapists

Intersection of Ethics and Justice for Therapists

CEUs: Three CEUs for LMFTs (provider 891), LCSWs (provider 6900), and LPCs (provider 2444).
Date: Friday, April 22, 2016
Time: 9 am – noon
Location: 2017 Colquitt St, Houston, TX 77098
Price: $35.00
Registration: This is a small group workshop limited to six registrants. To register, please complete and return the attached form: Workshop Registration April 22 2016

Contact: Randall@ethicsbeyondcompliance.com


Justice is often neglected in discussions of ethics as it seems to be a societal problem Justitia-2400pxrather than an individual problem, but what obligations do therapists have toward promoting justice? If we are not responsible for justice, who is? What is the importance of rights, interests, development, and capabilities? How can therapists promote justice, particularly given that they typically work with individuals rather than large populations?


Define libertarian theories of justice
Define utilitarian theories of justice
Define contractarian theories of justice
Define capabilities theories of justice
Distinguish ethics and justice
Analyze problems related to access
Analyze problems related to marketing
Analyze problems related to choosing clients
Analyze problems related to advocacy
Analyze problems related to activism
Analyze problems related to pricing
Evaluate theories of justice
Apply theoretical reasoning to practical

“When Clients are Grieving” CEU ethics workshop in Houston (Friday, December 4, 2015)

We are offering a workshop on the ethics of grief on Friday, Dec. 4, from 9 a.m. till noon. We will be exploring proper responses to grieving clients. Most therapists accept the dictum that “There is no wrong way to grieve,” but we will look at extreme cases such as homicide and self-destruction and search for the “bright line” between good and bad grief. We will then frightening2-800pxask whether “bad grief” is unethical or merely unhealthy. We will examine the ethical response to “bad grief” and explore whether men and women should respond to grief differently.

The workshop is open to anyone, but we offer 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

The cost is $25.00.

For more information, write randall@ethicsbeyondcompliance.com