How to have a lawn that won’t kill us all.

I’ve had several things to say about lawns. In the spirit of trying to offer alternatives, I will simply point you to an article from the UK both about the problems of lawns and the possible ways to deal with the problems. It is possible to live with beautiful gardens without pesticides, herbicides, fossil-fuel-burning and polluting lawn equipment, and water waste.

A Striped Lawn
A Striped Lawn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, in the US, homeowner associations call the shots and insist on the destructive practices that the Guardian article is warning against. What is the solution? Fight the HOAs. Demand an end to environmentally destructive deed restrictions. We are not fighting to save the Earth. We are fighting to save ourselves.

One thought on “How to have a lawn that won’t kill us all.

  1. Drubicle 21/06/2007 / 12:09 am

    Actually, the pesticides are there to protect you from big green evil garden creatures that eat housepets and get into your garbage. Kill them. Eradicate them all with the pesticide. To have them wandering freely in large packs. It would be the end of convenience as we know it.

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